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Keeping Your Phone Number

Local Number Portability (LNP) is the ability of a traditional telephone customer to keep their local phone number if they move to another local telephone service provider.

Tango Internet Phone Service offers the ability to port numbers for customers with certain numbers. Check to see if your number can be ported to Tango Internet Services simply by entering your area code and the exchange of your phone number:

Enter Number:
- - xxxx

Your number must also meet certain conditions before it can be ported:

  • The number you wish to port must be active with your local service provider as we are unable to port inactive telephone numbers.
  • The number you wish to port must not have DSL service associated with it. DSL will no longer work on a line ported to Tango Internet Phone Service.
  • The number you wish to port must not be associated with a CENTREX or ISDN account. Due to contractual obligations, we cannot port a telephone number associated with a CENTREX or ISDN account.
  • Due to the porting process, any new services or features requested for your current phone service provider will result in a delay. Please wait until your existing service request is complete with your current local provider.

If you wish to keep your number, there is an option to do so within the signup process. If your number cannot be ported we will assign you a new Tango number with an exchange of your choice.